Stay on Track & Drive Results: Master Pipedrive’s Goal-Setting Features


Pipedrive CRM is a powerful tool that helps boost sales efficiency and manage pipelines effectively. One of its key features is Pipedrive’s Goal-Setting functionality, which allows businesses to set clear targets and track their progress towards achieving them. But this feature goes beyond just tracking; it’s a strategic tool that connects daily actions with bigger business goals.

In the world of sales, setting goals is crucial. It gives direction, inspires teams, and acts as a measure of success. With Pipedrive’s customizable goal-setting capabilities, you can define measurable objectives for different parts of the sales process—from generating new deals to nurturing leads and closing successful transactions.

Whether you want to refine your CRM strategy or improve your sales performance, knowing how to use Pipedrive’s features effectively is key. If you’re looking for expert advice on making the most of these tools, Luaak Solutions offers specialized Pipedrive consulting services that can transform your CRM approach and unlock Pipedrive success.

And if you’re ready to explore Pipedrive right away, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial to experience its user-friendly interface and powerful goal-setting capabilities firsthand. By incorporating these into your daily routine, your business can stay focused on surpassing sales targets and driving growth.

Pipedrive's Goal-Setting Features

Understanding Different Types of Goals in Pipedrive

Pipedrive CRM is designed to help users streamline their sales processes, and setting clear objectives is a key part of this. With Pipedrive goals, sales teams can keep their eyes on the prize by tracking various types of targets that align with their business strategies. Here’s a closer look at the four main types of goals available in Pipedrive:

Deal Goals

Deal goals are fundamental for sales teams focusing on increasing their client base. They involve:

  • Tracking the number of new deals entered into the pipeline
  • Setting targets for deal volume within a specific timeframe

Whether you’re aiming to boost month-over-month deal acquisition or expand into new markets, these goals can be tailored to your business needs.

Activity Goals

Activity goals put the spotlight on the day-to-day tasks that propel deals forward. This includes:

  • Setting objectives for activities such as calls made, emails sent, or meetings booked
  • Customizable activity types to reflect your unique sales process

By tracking these metrics, you ensure consistent effort towards building relationships and advancing deals through the pipeline.

Deals Progression Goals

Deals progression goals focus on the movement of deals from one stage to another, ensuring:

  • Monitoring of total won deals as they progress through different stages
  • Encouragement for reps to push existing deals towards closure

These goals help maintain momentum within your sales cycle and identify stages that might need extra attention.

Completed Forecast Goals

Lastly, completed forecast goals are about anticipating revenue streams by:

  • Tracking both open and successfully closed deals
  • Providing insights into potential future earnings based on current pipeline health

These forecasts enable better financial planning and resource allocation for upcoming periods.

To see how these Pipedrive goals translate into real-world progress, you might need a seamless Pipedrive setup. Incorporating Luaak Solutions can unlock efficiency and drive growth while optimizing your workflow with tailored solutions. By understanding these diverse goal types and their specific applications within your sales strategy, you can harness Pipedrive’s full potential to not only set ambitious targets but also to achieve them systematically.

Setting and Tracking Goals for Success

When you’re ready to use Pipedrive CRM for setting goals, a structured approach will help you get started smoothly. Here is a step-by-step guide to setting goals in Pipedrive:

1. Access the ‘Insights’ Tab

Navigate to the ‘Insights’ tab in your Pipedrive dashboard. This is where all goal-related activities are managed.

2. Create a New Goal

Click on ‘Add new goal.’ You will be prompted to select the type of goal from Deal Goals, Activity Goals, Deals Progression Goals, or Completed Forecast Goals.

3. Define Goal Parameters

Fill out the necessary details including:

  • Goal name – Choose a clear and descriptive title.
  • Duration – Set how long the goal will run (weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  • Assignee – Decide if this is a personal goal or if it applies to a team or specific members.
  • Tracking metric – Specify what metric you’ll use to track progress such as number of deals won, value of sales, or number of activities completed.

4. Set Your Target

Enter the numerical target or value for your goal.

5. Apply Filters

If needed, apply filters to tailor your goal to specific pipelines or deal stages.

6. Save and Start Tracking

Save your new goal and start tracking its progress through the Insights tab.

Choosing the right metrics is crucial for effectively tracking goal progress. Consider the following tips:

  1. Relevance: Select metrics that directly impact your key business outcomes. If closing deals is your priority, track metrics like ‘Deals Won’ or ‘Value of Closed Deals’.
  2. Clarity: Choose clear and measurable metrics that leave no room for ambiguity among team members.
  3. Attainability: Ensure that the targets are challenging yet achievable to maintain motivation.
  4. Timeliness: Metrics should allow you to monitor progress frequently enough to make course corrections.

By focusing on these elements when setting goals in Pipedrive, you create an environment where every member understands what they are working towards and can measure their progress clearly.

Tracking goal progress in Pipedrive is straightforward with visual charts and real-time data updates in the Insights tab. You see at a glance whether you’re on track or need to adjust your strategies.

Remember, regular monitoring and evaluation are key components of successful goal management. By actively reviewing goals, you remain agile in responding to changes and ensure continuous improvement in your sales processes.

Managing Team Collaboration through Shared Goals

Managing team goals in Pipedrive is an integral part of fostering collaboration and alignment within any sales team. Shared goals can effectively rally a sales team towards a common objective, encouraging them to work together and support each other’s efforts. This encourages a sense of accountability, camaraderie, and joint ownership of the sales process, enhancing the overall performance of your team.

Features in Pipedrive for Managing Team Goals

Pipedrive provides several features that aid in managing team goals:

  1. Assigning goals: You can assign goals to teams and track their progress efficiently. The ability to assign different types of goals such as deal goals or activity goals allows for flexibility depending on the specific targets your team needs to meet.
  2. Visibility: One important aspect of managing team goals is visibility. Pipedrive offers transparent tracking metrics, allowing every team member to see how they are contributing towards achieving the shared objectives.
  3. Data Visualization: Visualizing team goal data in Pipedrive is another feature that enhances teamwork. Data visualization gives you a clear picture of how well your team is performing against set benchmarks. The platform includes several visualization tools including charts and graphs that provide an easy-to-understand visual representation of your team’s progress.
  4. Customizable Dashboard: Pipedrive also offers customizable dashboard features where you can add your active goals. This makes it easier for you and your team to monitor ongoing progress at a glance without having to navigate through multiple pages or options.

Pipedrive's Goal-Setting

Benefits of Using Pipedrive CRM for Team Collaboration

These are some ways Pipedrive CRM aids in managing team collaboration through shared goals:

  1. Assigning clear and measurable objectives to teams
  2. Providing transparent tracking metrics for all members
  3. Visualizing data with easy-to-understand charts and graphs
  4. Customizable dashboard to monitor progress at a glance

Each of these features contributes to a more cohesive and productive sales team, driving them towards common goals with a unified purpose.

Driving Individual Performance with Personal Goals

The concept of ‘personal goals in Pipedrive’ is crucial to individual performance within a sales team. By using this feature, users can track their own progress and be responsible for their targets.

The Power of Personal Goals

Personal goals are an effective way to drive individual motivation and productivity. They provide a clear framework for what needs to be achieved, thus helping users focus their efforts on the most impactful tasks. In the fast-paced world of sales, having a series of personal objectives can streamline actions and foster a proactive approach to work.

Easy Goal Setting with Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to set personal goals. With just a few clicks, you can define your objectives, set timelines, and determine key metrics for tracking progress. This level of customization offers a personalized experience tailored to your specific needs.

Real-Time Tracking for Better Performance

Tracking personal goals in real-time is another key advantage. Pipedrive’s dynamic dashboard allows you to monitor your progress on a regular basis, offering instant feedback on performance. It provides clear visualizations of goal achievement, which can be highly motivating and encourage continuous improvement.

Connecting Individual Success with Team Objectives

This feature also allows for easy comparison between personal performance and team objectives. By aligning individual goals with team targets, you can ensure that your contribution is directly impacting overall success. Goal tracking tools can further enhance this process by providing comprehensive insights into progress.

Benefits of Personal Goals beyond Productivity

While setting personal goals is beneficial for individual productivity, they also play a crucial role in employee engagement and satisfaction:

  • Empowerment: Setting personal goals gives individuals control over their professional development.
  • Motivation: Clear targets provide direction and purpose, motivating individuals to perform at their best.
  • Recognition: Tracking personal achievements brings visibility to an individual’s hard work and dedication.

Remember that the key to successful goal-setting lies in creating achievable yet challenging objectives that align with broader business strategies. Aligning organizational goals with personal goals can further enhance performance and overall success.

Aligning Goal-Setting with Sales Strategies

When it comes to sales strategies, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. A crucial part of successful sales management is aligning your goal-setting process with the specific strategy your team is using. With Pipedrive’s powerful goal-setting features, you can customize your goals to match your unique sales approach.

Tailoring Goals to a Deal-Centric Approach

If your strategy revolves around winning as many deals as possible, focusing on the quantity of deals won can be a useful metric. Here’s how you can do it in Pipedrive:

  1. Set up Deal Goals to track the number of new deals generated within a specific timeframe.
  2. Encourage your sales representatives to generate as many leads as possible.
  3. This approach works well in industries where high-volume sales are common.

Aligning Goals with an Emphasis on Quality

On the other hand, if your strategy prioritizes quality over quantity, setting goals based on the value of deals won would be more appropriate. Here’s how you can do it in Pipedrive:

  1. Use Deals Progression Goals to track the total value of won deals.
  2. Gain insights into how well your team is performing against revenue targets.

Setting Goals for an Activity-Driven Approach

An activity-driven approach may require a different set of metrics. If making calls to leads or scheduling product demos are key activities for your team, you can set Activity Goals in Pipedrive to measure these specific actions. This can motivate representatives to actively engage with potential customers and move them closer to making a purchase.

Monitoring Both Open and Won Deals

Pipedrive also offers Completed Forecast Goals, which enable you to monitor both open and won deals at the same time. This type of goal can be extremely valuable if your strategy involves maintaining a good balance between nurturing existing leads and closing deals.

The Importance of Effective Goal-Setting

It’s important to remember that effective goal-setting goes beyond randomly choosing a number. It involves:

  1. Thoughtfully considering your sales strategies.
  2. Understanding which metrics will drive success.
  3. Utilizing tools like Pipedrive to set, track, and achieve those goals.

By aligning goal-setting with your sales strategies, you can establish a smooth process that produces results and keeps your team focused on what truly matters.

Taking Advantage of Advanced Goal-Setting Capabilities in Pipedrive Plans

Pipedrive has additional features in the Professional and Enterprise plans that are specifically designed for complex sales environments. These plans include advanced goal-setting capabilities that give admin users and managers more control in driving their teams towards success.

Pipedrive Professional Plan

The Professional plan introduces enhanced goal-setting options:

  • Customizable Dashboards: Tailor your dashboard to include complex goal metrics, providing a real-time overview of progress towards targets.
  • Revenue Forecasting: Set goals based on expected revenue, incorporating probabilities and expected close dates for a more accurate forecast.
  • Advanced Reporting Tools: Utilize sophisticated reporting features to analyze goal attainment, breaking down data by team or individual performance.

Pipedrive Enterprise Plan

Scaling up to the Enterprise plan unlocks the full potential of Pipedrive’s goal-setting capabilities:

  • Unlimited Goal Creation: Establish an unlimited number of goals to cover all aspects of your sales process, from lead generation to deal closure.
  • Full Customization of Goals: Gain total control over your goal-setting parameters, including custom fields and tailored metrics specific to your business needs.
  • Enhanced Team Management Options: Admin users can set permissions and visibility for goals, ensuring that managers have access to the necessary data while protecting sensitive information.

Both plans allow for detailed tracking and updating of goals. Managers can quickly adjust targets in response to changing market conditions or sales team performance. With the ability to visualize progress through comprehensive charts and reports, these plans provide actionable insights that guide strategic decision-making.

By leveraging the robust goal-setting tools available in the Professional and Enterprise plans, sales teams can fine-tune their strategies for maximum impact. Whether focusing on increasing deal volume or enhancing deal quality, these features equip teams with the resources needed to exceed their sales objectives.

The transition from basic goal-setting to utilizing advanced features should be seamless for current Pipedrive users. The interface remains user-friendly while offering deeper functionality for those requiring more sophisticated sales tracking mechanisms.


Your sales success is determined by how well you can define, track, and achieve your objectives. Pipedrive’s Goal-Setting features present an opportunity to drive growth in a structured, measurable way.

Pipedrive’s capabilities span across:

  • Setting different types of goals
  • Aligning these goals with your sales strategies
  • Facilitating team collaboration through shared goals
  • Driving individual performance with personal goals.

These features can be personalized to any business model or sales approach. Whether you’re focusing on deal quantity vs. deal quality or seeking to streamline team collaboration, Pipedrive adapts to your needs.

Remember, the ability to set, monitor and update goals in real-time allows for quick adjustments and informed decision-making. It not only keeps everyone focused on the right tasks but also fosters a culture of accountability and transparency.

Harness the power of Pipedrive’s goal-setting capabilities and turn your sales objectives into reality. Aim high, set your targets, and watch as Pipedrive helps you hit them one by one. Here’s to achieving more, selling more, and driving success like never before!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Stay on Track & Drive Results using Pipedrive

What are the different types of goals in Pipedrive?

The different types of goals in Pipedrive include Deal Goals, Activity Goals, Deals Progression Goals, and Completed Forecast Goals. Each type serves a specific purpose in helping businesses track and achieve their sales objectives.

How can I set and track goals for success in Pipedrive?

You can set and track goals for success in Pipedrive by following a step-by-step guide within the CRM. Additionally, it’s important to choose the right metrics to track goal progress, ensuring that they align with your business objectives.

What are the benefits of managing team goals in Pipedrive?

Managing team goals in Pipedrive offers benefits such as improved collaboration and alignment within the team. It also provides methods for visualizing team goal data, which can help keep everyone on track towards achieving common objectives.

How can personal goals be leveraged within a user’s Pipedrive account?

Setting personal goals within a user’s Pipedrive account can help drive individual performance. It allows users to focus on their specific targets and contribute to the overall sales success of the business.

How can goal-setting be aligned with different sales strategies in Pipedrive?

Goal-setting can be aligned with different sales strategies in Pipedrive by customizing the approach based on deal quantity vs. deal quality. This ensures that the goal-setting process complements the chosen sales strategy for optimal results.

What are some advanced goal-setting capabilities available in higher-tier Pipedrive plans?

Higher-tier Pipedrive plans like Professional and Enterprise offer advanced goal-setting features such as admin user access, manager oversight, and additional customization options. These capabilities provide more comprehensive tools for businesses to drive their sales success.

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