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Frequently Asked Questions

My Hourly Rate is $120 USD per Hour.

There are two categories: Internal and External Automation.

Internal automation is automation that we can build easily inside Pipedrive.

External automation is those that we need to connect using custom API (coding) to make a bridge between different online software.

Building and automation will depend on the type; if it's an internal automation those will be charged on my hourly rate. It honestly takes 3-5 minutes for most automation done professionally, but when we develop a process the average customer has 30 minutes to 2 hours of automation that may need to be done within Pipedrive.

For anything that does not either have a direct integration or can't be directly connected to Pipedrive, we have to build an external automation using custom API (coding). Most businesses need this type of automation, but not always a lot. Most will start at $400 but depending on the complexity it scales in cost. When we meet to discuss things I can provide a clearer picture in terms of cost.

We usually develop a plan so we can develop a scope of work as well as get a clear idea of your processes and what is to be implemented.

Setting up the processes is what's next, so implementing all automation, sales processes and pipelines.

I will give you time to test the implemented work and provide feedback so we can optimize and maintain your Pipedrive.

The final step is to make sure what is set up continues to work, sometimes there will be issues and we can fix them for you and provide ongoing support.

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