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We Develop Sales Strategy and Automated Processes

Luaak Solutions focuses on Pipedrive and developing the critical sales and automated processes that make closing deals easy

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Why Luaak Solutions

We make affordable expert implementation of Pipedrive CRM and develop a working sales process!

A Pipedrive Expert

Pipedrive Services We Provide

We offer a comprehensive range of services to optimize your Pipedrive CRM and supercharge your sales processes. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that address your specific needs and drive measurable results.

Streamline Your Sales Process with Expert Pipedrive Setup

We Specialize in Seamless Pipedrive CRM Implementation

Achieve Your Goals with Our Expert Guidance

Elevate Your Sales with Custom Pipedrive Automations

Customize Your Pipedrive Setup in Minutes

Streamline your sales process with a tailored Pipedrive setup. Click the button below to use our tool, where you can select the services you need and see the total cost instantly. Our transparent pricing ensures you get the best value for your investment. Ready to transform your sales process?

Read Over 150+ Five Star Reviews

Deciding to change to a new CRM is hard enough, finding someone who can help you automate it can feel like trying to find a unicorn. I feel fortunate that I found Joshua on Fiverr. I am not second-guessing my decision and he has helped me discover the power of PipeDrive. I am thankful I found him.

Felicia Gopaul Financial Control Mastery

Great to work with. He quickly fixed a problem we have had for awhile.

Cam Stephens San Diego Golf Reservations

Joshua was very informative and I now have a good idea on a strategy automation plan for my business.

Kimberly culbertson Beauty Babe CLub

I’ve been wanting, but avoiding, setting up a CRM and automation for months. I finally took the plunge and signed up for Pipedrive. I specifically hired Joshua, because he works only with Pipedrive. He quickly educated me on the major functions and workflow of Pipedrive and understood my needs. Joshua is working with me on creating a roadmap to full the automation of my sales process. He’s also a very friendly and amiable person – just the type of I enjoy working with. I’m looking forward to continue working with him! Excelsior!

Harry Rubenstein Harry’s Israel Food Tours

Joshua is very knowledgeable in his field. Recommended if you need specific help with your Pipedrive CRM management and automation.

Dario van Houwelingen Nollie Studios

Why settle for an all purpose CRM guru when you can work with a super-specialized pipedrive expert. Josh was very friendly and knowledgeable throughout every step of the way!

Jack Bui Business Broker Jack

Joshua was responsive to my business needs and demonstrated flexibility in meeting them. Delivery did not disappoint. Having now met with him twice, I will be placing a larger order.

Paul S Ottewell OptimusOD Ltd
SmartieSquirl3 6 2024 Luaak Solutions

Automate Your Sales

We excel at building both simple and complex automations and integrations that make it easy for your organization to scale and grow with Pipedrive.

Automate. Integrate. Streamline.

We can connect all your favorite tools and software helping you do more

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We can automate and connect everything you can imagine with Pipedrive CRM

image removebg preview Luaak Solutions

We can automate SMS, call outcomes, add contacts to call lists, and much more!

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Generate Sales Proposals and invoices both Manually or Automatically

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Cold Email Solution that we can use to bring outbound leads into your sales process

image removebg preview 2 Luaak Solutions

Qualify leads using conditional logic and automate it into your CRM

image removebg preview 5 e1713462802135 Luaak Solutions

Automate Appointments and update the scheduling data into Pipedrive as well as automated email and SMS Reminders

xero luaak solutions v2.fw e1713462930884 Luaak Solutions

Automate Invoices, Proposals, and update Pipedrive with PDFs when you send quotes or someone pays an Invoice

timelines logo preview Luaak Solutions

Automate Invoices, Proposals, and update Pipedrive with PDFs when you send quotes or someone pays an Invoice

quickbook preview logo Luaak Solutions

Automate Invoices, Proposals, and update Pipedrive with PDFs when you send quotes or someone pays an Invoice

The Choice for Premium Pipedrive Setup

We work exclusively with Pipedrive and have advanced capabilities to build your ultimate sales machine with expert developers ready to build whatever you need!


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Business Insights

We can help you accomplish all your reporting goals such as sales insights, completed activities, goals, winrates, and understand why you are losing deals. Understand where your customers are coming from by segmenting data properly and knowing your forecasted revenue.

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